Customer Services

If a customer needs help or has a question, our customer success heroes are just an email or phone call away. Our team’s responsibility is easy: making sure we do whatever it takes to make (and keep!) our customers happy. In fact, we would bend over backwards to get a smile on their face.

Customer Onboarding

  • Lies Rotthier
    Teamlead Customer Onboarding

    Lies Rotthier

  • Dries De Porre
    Customer Onboarder

    Dries De Porre

  • Ronald Schaap
    Customer Onboarder

    Ronald Schaap

  • Melanie Van Brussel
    Customer Onboarder

    Melanie Van Brussel

  • Samuel Van Daele
    Customer Onboarder

    Samuel Van Daele

  • Marnix van der Ende
    Customer Onboarder

    Marnix van der Ende

  • Lex Van Nieuwenhuyse
    Customer Onboarder

    Lex Van Nieuwenhuyse

  • Kenneth Van Assche
    Customer Onboarder

    Kenneth Van Assche


  • Rocio Bracero
    Teamlead Customer Support

    Rocio Bracero

  • Alexander Forret
    Teamlead Customer Support

    Alexander Forret

  • Eline Grootaert
    Customer Support

    Eline Grootaert

  • Kenny Aerts
    Customer Support Technical

    Kenny Aerts

  • Cynthia Tacq
    Customer Support Technical

    Cynthia Tacq

  • Annelies Boonants
    Customer Support

    Annelies Boonants

  • Sam Goetmaeker
    Customer Support

    Sam Goetmaeker

  • Mathilde Lacante
    Customer Support

    Mathilde Lacante

  • Nathan Van Coillie
    Customer Support

    Nathan Van Coillie

  • Marie Van Daele
    Product Expert

    Marie Van Daele

  • Benedikte Von Achen
    Customer Support

    Benedikte Von Achen

  • Sophie Decloux
    Customer Support

    Sophie Decloux

  • Melanie Kreienbuehl
    Customer Support

    Melanie Kreienbuehl

  • Simona Primerano
    Customer Support

    Simona Primerano

  • Marlet Valerio Peña
    Customer Support

    Marlet Valerio Peña

  • Laura van Belleghem
    Customer Support

    Laura van Belleghem

  • Jeroen Vereecke
    Customer Support

    Jeroen Vereecke

  • Sirarpi Vardanian
    Customer Support

    Sirarpi Vardanian


  • Felicie Martens
    Retention Manager

    Felicie Martens

  • Retention Specialist
    Retention Specialist

    Stefanie Adams

  • Pieter De Geyndt
    Retention Specialist

    Pieter De Geyndt

  • Nele De Pauw
    Retention Specialist

    Nele De Pauw

  • Elisabeth Demeyere
    Retention Specialist

    Elisabeth Demeyere

  • Maaike Franke
    Retention Specialist

    Maaike Franke

  • Alejandra Gerard
    Retention Specialist

    Alejandra Gerard

  • Maud Naudé
    Retention Specialist

    Maud Naudé

  • Jurre Veen
    Retention Specialist

    Jurre Veen

  • If you're not making mistakes, you're not doing anything

    At Teamleader, we aren’t afraid to make mistakes. In fact, you’re not growing fast enough if you don’t. We don’t pretend we know it all, but we try our best to serve our customers in the best possible way, which comes with trial and error.

  • Helping our customers become self-reliant

    There are plenty of resources customers can use to get the most out of our tool. We have a well-documented, extensive knowledge base or online video tutorials - making our customers’ lives easier. It’s our mission to turn users into Teamleader pros in no time.

  • Proactive service & fast troubleshooting

    Customer services isn’t just about responding to questions and solving problems, it’s about being proactive too. Instead of just focusing on the here-and-now, we get the right stakeholders involved to prevent potential issues. Since we talk to customers on a continuous basis we have an important responsibility to report issues and make sure they get proper follow-up to improve our tool.

  • Want to join the team?

    Join a passionate team and contribute to the success of a fast-growing company.